Poverty and forest certification
This report from 2011, shows that support for implementing sustainable forest management and certification should be accompanied by support for all aspects of the forest business, to be effective for poverty alleviation.
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Rättvist trä – en studie av den Svenska marknaden för synligt trä
A study of corporate wood buyers/users in Sweden from 2012 showed interest in dual certified, FSC+Fairtrade, tropical hardwood.
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Final report of the Fair Wood research project
During 2016, together with partners WWF Sweden, FSC Sweden and Pivot Point and with funding from Sida, we had the possibility to research an idea of how to create a market for wood from locally controlled forests under threat of degradation.
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Water, forests, people – building resilient landscapes”, 2016
Founders of EIF participated in the Swedish Water House (SWH) Cluster Group for Water and Forests which highlighted the importance of forests and sustainable forest management to securing water resources globally. The report describes how establishing resilient landscapes is the most promising way forward and that Sweden’s extensive experience and competencies constitute a substantial resource.
The Report can be found at: www.swedishwaterhouse.se/en/ cluster-groups/water-forests

FREP – The Forest Restoration Entrepreneurship Program, 2020

The FREP program… Under Construction